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Every year we sell more than 100 million bearings from the largest, most comprehensive bearings range and stock. Our product knowledge and technical support is second to none, and advice is available to all customers at any time from our expert design and engineering specialists.

Our expertise has delivered over €70 million in bearing cost savings to our customers over 10 years. This level of expertise is only available from Europe’s leading authorised bearings distributor.

Manufacturing and industry demand outstanding support.

Operating in 22 countries, from over 650 locations, Rubix are Europe’s leading industrial supplies and services specialist. We provide everything you need to help keep your business running at its optimum.

Whatever your industry, our technical expertise will help you to improve bearing longevity, increase your production efficiency and save you money.

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    View our range of bearings

    Rubix is Europe’s number one supplier for bearings from the leading manufacturers.

    Access to technical expertise

    • Exceptional product knowledge available 365/24/7
    • Trained team of experienced professionals provide on-site application checks
    • Technical support and advice direct from the manufacturer if necessary
    • Unique or customised bearing guidance available

    Highest quality bearings for longer life and optimal performance

    • The widest range and largest stock of bearings anywhere in Europe
    • Leading technology innovation from our strategic supply partners
    • Authorised distributor for many years for all 5 leading bearing manufacturers

    Preventative maintenance

    • Lifetime monitoring of bearings
    • Planned service and product replacement schedule to ensure optimum performance throughout product life
    • Forward planning to predict bearing failure and to avoid unscheduled downtime
    • Preventative maintenance delivers cost savings

    Access to manufacturer’s training

    • Our trained experts deliver the most up-to-date technical support at all times
    • Training can be arranged for your specific needs on request

    Access to the latest bearing product innovation and expertise

    Modifications available on short lead times

    Largest and most comprehensive stock in Europe

    Same day delivery available on stocked items

    Expert technical support available nationwide

    Reduce working capital, increase production efficiency and cost savings