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Split Spherical Roller Bearing and Spherical Roller Bearing

Amount saved: €1,998,970

One of the biggest steel manufacturers in the world suffered from a sudden and unexpected main trunnion bearing failure. The resulting loss of operation could have meant a significant loss in revenue.

After consultation, a method statement was provided by Rubix to specify the sequence and methodology to replace the failed bearing to the customer’s requirements. This included recommending that the customer use a special FAG split spherical roller bearing – as well as a solid spherical roller bearing as a spare – in order to reduce downtime.

The work, which included dealing with a number of additional unexpected challenges, was all completed within ten days.  The customer was also supplied with a practical maintenance schedule to guide them after installation.

This resulted in potential cost savings equivalent to €1,998,970.


Deep Groove Ball Bearing with DDU Sealing

Amount saved: €733,230

A market leading manufacturer of insulation products for the construction industry had recently completed commissioning a new automated production line. Production was reported as being erratic due to the repeated failures of bearings used on the blade guide rollers of the band saws. The situation became critical, with bearings sometimes only lasting for three hours, and daily bearing changes becoming necessary.

The impact was costly downtime as well as increased maintenance costs. Rubix engineers performed an on-site analysis  of the failed bearings and identified the problem as bearing failure due to ingress of contamination. The alternatives recommended by the Rubix team were Deep Groove Ball Bearings with high performance NSK DDU sealing, using a patented triple lip mechanism.

A trial showed an immediate and significant improvement in bearing life as well as cost savings of €733,230 for the customer.


VV Sealed Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Amount saved: €271,200

The world’s largest car manufacturer was experiencing regular, unexpected, production stoppages due to premature failure of the bearings fitted to the spray heads inside the coating machines. This caused significant disruption to production and high downtime costs.

Rubix conducted a full evaluation of the application which included analysing the bearings grease used. This revealed that the bearings were seizing and failing due to grease being ejected from the bearing by the compressed air that was needed in the process.

The team proposed NSK non-contact VV seals together with a change to bearing geometry – resulting in good grease-retention, an increase in bearing life from 7 days to 110 days in operation, and cost savings of up to €271,200.


Extended Product Life

Cost savings: €190,992

A major multinational in the automotive sector was frequently replacing super precision bearings in a machine tool head. This was due to ingress from the coolant used in the process caused by the tool having to work in an upright position. This caused the bearings to rust.

Working with NSK from our branch in San Sebastián, Rubix proposed the fitting sealed bearings series 7013CTRV1RDULP3. This resulted in a reduction in repairs, maintenance costs, downtime and production losses and an extension of the useful life of the product from approximately four months to more than a year.

All of this translated to a cost saving of €190,992.

Food & Drink Production Efficiency

OEM Parts Conversion

Cost savings: €240,000

A large manufacturer of soft drinks cans suffered constant production downtime due to the premature failure of bearings. The bearings were part of the process involved in implementing the primer treatment on the steel inside the containers.

These failures were causing deterioration due to rusting of the can, which meant that the entire pallet was frequently returned by their customers.

Working with NSK, Rubix determined that the rigid ball bearings fitted did not provide sufficient protection against lubricant containment. The proposal was to replace the ZZ shield system they were using with the new VV contact-free seal in addition to using C3 radial play and NSK grease, code AS2.

The solution meant that the bearings were replaced every 110 days as opposed to every 7 days which delivered an increase in the useful life of the product and a saving of €150,000 plus a €90,000 reduction in downtime and production losses.


Extended product life

Cost savings: €606,000

A bag manufacturer was experiencing problems with a bearing that was failing every six weeks. These defective bearings, installed on 40 ink machines that covered the sides of leather straps, were affected by the penetration of ink into the bearing.

Rubix visited the plant along with NSK to investigate the problem. The team recommended replacing the bearings used with sealed moulded oil products and a test set was prepared to see if this dealt with the problem. They operated for over a year without any kind of failure reported and are now deployed as the solution.

This resulting increase in useful life of the product and the related equipment along with significant reduction in maintenance time and increased overall production time, provided cost savings of €606,000.

Food & Drink

Production Efficiency

Cost savings: €71,000

This client was experiencing frequent support failures in a fan in an extraction mill which caused the production of the entire plant to stop.

The Rubix and NSK team visited the plant and recommended replacing the open bearings with bearings equipped with individual rubber seals made of Viton. After making sure that the bearings were fitted and adjusted correctly during a planned maintenance stop, production has not stopped since.

This resulted in increased production time as well as preventing further machine downtime saving the company €71,000.


Extended Product Life

Cost savings: €5,100

The client contacted Rubix in order to try to extend the useful life of its Capper bearings, as some had failed and had to be replaced approximately every 12 months.

Rubix found that the constant failures were due to poor lubrication and corrosion and therefore proposed a test using SKF Solid Oil bearings. The bearings were made specifically by SKF. A set was issued free of charge to the customer, who tried the solution – and the result was monitored for 6 months.

The life of the bearings was extended to up to 24 months, saving the cost of a year’s maintenance. This resulted in an additional order being placed for two further sets of Solid Oil bearings.

Food & Drink

Product Substitution

Cost saving of €16,704

A food manufacturer was purchasing significant volumes of 22315K spherical roller bearings annually for use on the lines.

Rubix proposed investigating an alternative in order to reduce costs but with the important proviso that quality and life expectancy was not inferior to their existing bearing products.

Due to Rubix’s excellent relationships with its suppliers, they identified a cheaper ‘drop in’ replacement from an equally trusted major brand – Timken. The Timken equivalent was tested to make sure the quality and life expectancy of the bearing was equivalent to the existing bearings. It was found to meet the client’s requirements and fulfil their needs as well as delivering valuable savings.

Throughout the following year the manufacturer purchased a total of 464 units. The price difference was €36 per unit, resulting in a cost saving of €16,704.


Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Amount saved: €41,240

A metal mill client was experiencing bearing failures every two to three months. Rubix was contacted to help find a solution after even alternative products did not improve the situation. Following an assessment visit, Timken’s Cylindrical Roller Bearing proved to be the fastest and easiest bearing to fit.

This was a new application for the bearing and in addition to supplying the bearings, the customer also asked for yearly inspections to be carried out. The customer also benefited from Rubix’s invaluable advice on bearing maintenance, sealing and lubrication.

The mill has now shifted to running a full complement  of Timken bearings and the customer is now enjoying a bearing life of over five years resulting in significant ongoing cost savings.

Films, Adhesives and Printing

Self-aligning Bearing System

Amount saved: £109,808

A leading polyester film manufacturer was experiencing high costs, and shaft problems due to using special housings and bearings in its industrial fans. After an examination, a self-aligning bearings system was installed to optimise the application.

The recommended system included a CARB toroidal roller bearing in the non-locating position and a self-aligning spherical roller bearing in the locating position to enhance operating conditions and machine performance.

As a result, the innovative new system accommodated misalignment and axial displacement without friction, and eliminated corrosion helping improve reliability and productivity. The system was introduced to replace 80 units over a six year period and allowed the customer to achieve cost savings worth £109,880 through increased bearing service life, extended maintenance intervals, and reduced component and grease consumption.


Solid Block Housed Unit

Amount saved: £73,420

A customer asked for advice on identifying new bearings that would last longer, together with housing that would be easier to change to increase performance. The customer had been experiencing significant downtime as existing bearings were failing due to ingress and required replacing every 3 months. The existing blocks also took two hours to change resulting in a large impact on lost stock.

Following a visit from Brammer’s Centre of Excellence the customer’s existing bearings on their C2 Conveyor were replaced with a solid block housed unit.

The new bearing has been running for over a year, with no issues. As well as a much longer bearing life the fitting times were also reduced to half an hour per unit.